“Your brother will rise again. ” John 11:23

How long have I been in there? I imagine was his first thought.  Wow! Four days? No wander those folks are running away!

I’m certain the stinch was unbearable at that point. Yes,Lazarus had been in there four days bound in clothe and mourned by many.

But as Lazarus was told “come forth!”, by Jesus, I can just imagine his thoughts as each grave clothe dropped to the ground……he must have said to himself “there goes that sin…. forgiven'”There’s another sin ….washed away.” And ,as the grave clothes around his eyes fell, I can’t help but to believe that Lazarus had true sight for the first time ever!  He surely saw God’s glory even brighter than before!

The glory of God was shown to all. Lazarus rose that day to a new life!

God does that! He raises us out of the grave of our sin and unbinds us from bondage! With each tearing away of bondage, we RISE!


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